School fees are billed over the first three terms of the school year (i.e. total annual fee divided equally by 3 terms). Fees are invoiced at the commencement of each term, usually in the first fortnight of the term.

Parents are requested to pay the school fee account by the due date, which is shown on the account.


Parents are asked to pay the term fee account within 25 days of issue.

Provision is made for parents to pay in a number of ways including direct debit, cash, cheque, EFTPOS, credit card, and BPAY.

Credit card payments can also be taken over the phone. Further information regarding credit card payments, direct debit or BPay, is available from the office.

For parents who have difficulty paying school fees as a lump sum, time payment may be offered. Payment options include weekly, fortnightly, monthly or yearly arrangements.


A Reminder Notice will be issued to all families who have not settled the school fee account by the due date where a payment plan is not in place.


Families in need should not endure unreasonable hardships because of school fees. Hence, fee concession will be determined on the basis of justice and equity. Any reduction in fees must be considered in terms of the financial need of the family concerned, their responsibility to full fee-paying families and the efforts they make in paying their fees.

Acting on behalf of the whole school community, the principal has the responsibility to determine a family’s ability to pay fees. Each case is dealt with on an individual basis and the principal’s discretion will be used, particularly in times of financial and emotional hardship. This process is designed to determine a just and equitable outcome for all. If you are experiencing difficulties in paying your account, please contact the school as soon as possible, before the due date, as it may be possible that some assistance, such as an extension of time or payment by instalments, may be available.


Genuine inability to meet tuition and other fees does not exclude access to our school by a child of a family genuinely committed to Catholic faith and practice. Arrangements for fee concessions are available to parents where pressing financial circumstances make it impossible to meet full fees (including DFSBL).

  1. Families in which parents hold a valid Health Care/Pension Card, and who are experiencing financial hardship, are able to apply for a reduction in tuition fees. This process will involve written authorisation for the Principal to contact Centrelink for verification if required.
  2. Low income earners who qualify for a percentage reduction in total fees based on confirmation of annual earnings.
  3. In cases of significant financial hardship, the school will consider offering a special concession on school fees. Concession applications are accepted at the commencement of each year or when the hardship within the family occurs. Applications require detailed information from parents regarding their financial position.

Concessions on fees are not ongoing and applications must be re-submitted at the commencement of the new school year. The final decision rests with the school principal or the principal’s nominee.


Parents are encouraged to contact the school if they are experiencing difficulty in paying the school fees account.

On some occasions, parents fail to pay their account, do not respond to reminder notices and do not contact the school to make alternative arrangements. In these instances the school is reluctantly forced to refer the matter to the CSO Head of Financial Services and/or consider engaging the services of a professional debt collection agency.

Additional charges will be incurred once the account has been handed to the debt collection agency for action. Once accounts have been handed to the debt collection agency, the matter effectively passes out of the school’s control and all negotiations for payment must then be made with the debt collection agency.


Failure to address school fee responsibilities may impact involvement in major extra curricula events e.g. Year 6 excursion to Canberra, Year 5 Camp.

Finalisation of school fee payments in previous diocesan schools is a condition of enrolment in another diocesan school. St Patrick’s must provide fee clearance before a student’s enrolment is accepted to St Joseph’s College, Lochinvar or another Diocesan primary school.

In the event a family seeks to cease enrolment of their child/ren, any fees owing at the time of notifying the school of the withdrawal of child/ren will be payable in full. Debt recovery processes will be put in place with a debt recovery agency if fees have not been paid prior to leaving. If the fee account is in credit, the administrative staff will action a reconciliation of the fee payments.

In the event of family breakdown/separation, it is expected that fees will be shared equally.