The school community of St Patrick’s, Lochinvar endeavours to articulate and model a process of pastoral care in keeping with the Gospel values based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. We work towards a school where all participants take responsibility for their own behaviour rather than re-locating blame or outside faultfinding. We work towards interdependence, in creation of an environment where we can trust and rely on each other to build positive relationships and support each other’s strengths and vulnerabilities. We are determined to teach and model the dignity and uniqueness of the individual, made in the image of God.

We recognise that Pastoral Care is entrusted to all members of the school community and reflects the values of compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, reconciliation and justice; seeing these as strengths. We believe the family is the foundation of the children’s values and behaviour and encourage close home/school communication and consultation.

Pastoral care is characterised by an ongoing relationship that is supportive and respectful of the dignity, safety and privacy of each person. Fundamental to this is a clear and consistent approach to behaviour management.

Behaviour management is more than just a process of responding to behavioural problems after they have occurred. The key to effective behaviour management is the quality of the relationships between teachers, students and parents. A comprehensive behaviour management plan requires as much attention to the recognition and development of good behaviour as it does to effective sanctions for inappropriate behaviour.

It is believed that a positive approach to discipline will ensure that the majority of students will accept responsibility for their behaviour and develop self-discipline. The development of good social skills is encouraged at St Patrick’s and students are to be consistently reminded of this by teachers through instruction and example.

At St Patrick’s we aim to live by the WEST principles (Welcoming, Encouraging, Sorry, Giving Thanks) and Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) principles of ‘Learning, Belonging and Safety.’ Accordingly, at St Patrick’s we use a Behaviour Matrix, which clearly articulates expected behaviours and management strategies used when expectations are not being met.


Learning Support Team

Students at St Patrick's are supported in their learning by two Learning Support Teachers, the Pastoral Care Worker and a team of enthusiastic and skilled Learning Support Assistants who work to support both the pastoral and academic needs of the students.


St Patrick's benefits from the services of a Psychologist, provided through the Catholic Schools Office. The psychologist provides support with academic and behavioural assessments. Recommendations are made to assist parents and teachers to cater for the ongoing educational, social and emotional needs of students.