St Patrick’s has high expectations for every student and is committed to implementing the Key Elements of Early Learning by ensuring data, play, environments and transitions are an integral part of pedagogy and practice. We provide rich holistic opportunities for students to learn in a safe, positive and stimulating learning environment. We respect the diverse backgrounds of all our students and make every effort to maintain collaboration and partnerships to enrich and further build community.

Our practices reflect current research and best practice in the field, and respect the rights, capabilities and needs of the Early Learner to build the successful foundations to flourish in their learning.

  • Priority is given to literacy and numeracy development because these are the foundations on which further learning is built.
  • Priority is given to motor skills development, physical activity and the development of safe and healthy personal practices.
  • Priority is given to the holistic wellbeing of the child, including social and emotional learning, as well as early intervention and support.
  • All children in the early years will have the opportunity to develop their sensory, cognitive and affective appreciation of the world around them through exploratory and creative learning in the arts and technology.