St Patrick’s is a growing and dynamic school with many teaching and support staff.

The School Executive Team is responsible for setting the operational agenda and goals of the school as driven by the Strategic and Annual Plan. This group of dynamic individuals is each responsible for key aspects of the business.

St Patrick’s is also well supported by members of the Catholic Schools Office.

A list of staff contacts can be found below:                                                    

PARISH PRIEST                                                                      

Moderator: Fr Paul O’Neill

Priest: Fr John Lovell

2021 STAFF

Principal: Mrs Jacqueline Wilkinson

Assistant Principal: Mr Dennis Nolan

Religious Education Coordinator: Mrs Maryanne Hacker

Primary Coordinators: Mrs Angela Waters and Mrs Amber Deegan

Class Teachers:

Mrs Debbie Jordan 

Mrs Helen Hartcher

Ms Kate Virgona

Mrs Jane Kleinman

Ms Megan Watts

Mrs Jessica Trappel

Mrs Margaret Quirk

Ms Amy Davis

Mrs Erin Saxby

Ms Ashleigh Grach

Mrs Kate Sadaj

Mrs Tracee Cinello

Ms Sarah Abrahamse

Mr Jack Crich

Mrs Jane Mahony

Mrs Laura Atkins

Mrs Tegan Cunningham

Mrs Teagan Newson

Mrs Elizabeth Murray

Mrs Lynne Mesina

Mrs Gemma Baker                

Mrs Christine Quinn

Mr Andrew Henman

Ms Kathleen Gibson

Mrs Amber Deegan

Mrs Jacquelyn Manthey

Ms Erin Mitchell

Librarians: Mrs Helena Powell & Ms Evelyn Covita

Library Assistants: Mrs Meredith Searle & Mrs Catherine Biasutti

Learning Support Teachers: Mrs Bettina O'Heir & Mrs Cate Lawler

Aboriginal Education Teacher: Ms Jane Mosman

EALD Teacher (English as an Additional Language/Dialect): Mrs Michelle Harvey

Pedagogical Mentor: Mrs Angela Waters

RFF Teachers: Mrs Sarah Richards, Mrs Lisa Owens, Ms Evelyn Covita & Mrs Amy Shakespeare

School Clerical Assistants: Mrs Fran Martin, Mrs Sally Grant and Mrs Lisa Comerford

Teacher Assistants:

Mrs Cathy Dodds

Mrs Maryanne Ilic

Mrs Tracey Collins

Mrs Hilary Phelan

Mrs Shelley Ireland

Mrs Rachael Latter

Mrs Rachael Baas

Mrs Kylie Clark

Ms Shannon Redgrove

Ms Jo Kearney

Ms Kiera Usher

Canteen Supervisor: Mrs Julie Lawrence

Cleaner/Groundspersons: Mrs Sue Hawke, Mr Mark Pearce and Mrs Alicia McCann

Staff photo