As important members of the school community, students are valued for the contributions they can make to the school and leadership potential is encouraged and supported.

At St Patrick's, leadership is about motivating, influencing and directing people to work together to achieve goals in accordance with the school's values and beliefs. It is important for students to experience school leadership opportunities in order to learn how to build relationships, define their identity and achieve tasks effectively. Student leadership provides an opportunity to learn to identify and display effective communication and interpersonal skills.

The school approach to student leadership believes that all students should be encouraged to develop their leadership skills in order to support fellow students and to benefit the wider community. Opportunities to develop these qualities are provided through a range of learning experiences, both in their everyday school life and in targeted leadership programs. There are many student roles throughout the grades that offer support and leadership for students in the school community. Every student is encouraged to build their own sense of themselves as a leader. 

St Patrick's is very proud of our student leaders. These students are ambassadors who embody our school values and motto. The school offers both formal and informal leadership opportunities for our students. We hope that all of our students would think of themselves as leaders through modelling appropriate behaviour, helping students needing assistance and generally exhibiting traits that set an example for others.

These students are commissioned at the Opening School Mass, receiving the symbolic ‘Light of Leadership’’ and their badges, which are blessed during the service.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”



Our School Leaders take an active role in all aspects of the school community and work with others to achieve the best possible outcomes. They are approachable, reliable and trustworthy and their duties involve communication with staff and students, public speaking at assemblies and school events. Our school leaders represent the school body at Diocesan and community events and are positive role models for all students with regards to behaviour and presentation.

Our school leaders who are elected by the student population to the following positions: MJR leaders, Social Justice leaders, Stewards of Creation leaders, Engaging Community leaders. 

These positions are in place for the benefit of the entire student body and the larger school community. 

Elections are conducted by staff. Students from Years 2-5 vote for those nominated for leadership positions. Results are presented to the Principal for consideration. No discussion or justification will be entered into with parents or other external parties.   Other students in Year 6 are added to Teams to support specific school and community activities within the school. 



Two student representatives are elected to hold student leadership positions. These students lead the AEC, which promotes and encourages engagement of Aboriginal & Torres Strait students from all year groups and differing Aboriginal nations. Students gather together to engage in cultural awareness activities and deepen their understanding of country and identity.   


The role of the Sport Leader is to encourage all students to participate in sporting activities. They coordinate House events such as the athletics carnival. Sport Leaders are approachable and reliable and demonstrate enthusiasm for their House, thereby encouraging students to get involved in a range of school activities.

Student Sport Leaders for each of our Sporting Houses are elected by the student body to lead teams at large scale events including the annual swimming and athletics carnivals for Years 2-6. A highlight is the enthusiastic team war cry and the march past. These leaders also assist the coordination of the Infants Athletics Carnival for Kindergarten and Year 1 and organisation of the Sports Shed and equipment use.

In 2023 our four colour houses are to be renamed to acknowledge and celebrate key figures in our history who reflect integral elements of the ‘MacKillop Spirit’ and the ‘Josephite charism’, which are at the heart of the school St Patricks today. Our colour houses will be named MacKillop after St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, Tenison, after Fr Julian Tenison Woods, who co-founded the Sisters of St Josephs with Mary Mackillop, Murray after Bishop James Murray, the first Bishop of Maitland and Dirkin, after Sister Ambrose Joseph Dirkin, first Sister Guardian of Lochinvar Convent.

Each colour house will have a significant symbol created with the footprint of one of the birds that are part of the incredible wealth of birdlife at our school – a living symbol of the world God created for us, and the stewardship which is our responsibility. These birds will be selected to reflect the qualities of the person after whom the house is named.

We are working with local First Nations artists to create symbols which remind us that our journey of faith and learning occurs on the land of the Wonnarua people.

Student Sport Leaders represent their Sporting House:

Tenison (previously Lawson) - BLUE

Murray (previously Gordon) - GREEN

Dirkin (previously Paterson) - RED

MacKillop (previously Kendall)  YELLOW



Our Student Representative Council includes children from Years 2-6 with children rotating each term to fill the role. The SRC run the school assemblies and assist as required.