Bus Routes

Bus services for students travelling to and from St Patrick’s are provided by Rover Motors Cessnock and Hunter Valley Buses.

For information regarding bus routes and travel, including timetables see below:

Own Transport

In areas where there is no public transport, eligible residents may receive a subsidy for transporting their students to school by private vehicle.

Student drop-off zones

Students access the school site via three entry points on Gregory Road. The Hall Gate and Cemetery Gate are the designated access areas for students travelling by car, in the company of an adult. Parents are encouraged to use the roadside and hall carpark according to the signage provided, to ensure the safety of all.

Parents must not stop or park in the bus zone during the signposted hours.


  • Enter the carpark from Gregory Road
  • Traffic is one-way only
  • Do not park in the entry or exit zone
  • Reverse parking only in marked bays to avoid collisions
  • A 10km speed limit is recommended in the car park
  • Parents must exit the car and walk their children to the gate or supervise use of the safe walkway. Please do not allow children to alight from the vehicle unless parked in nominated bays.


Students are dismissed according to a staggered schedule to help ease congestion in the area. The following process is used:

  • Four buses are permitted to move into the bus bay for loading
  • Loaded buses depart
  • Hall gate students are dismissed
  • Cemetery gate children are dismissed (including walkers)
  • Remaining buses depart

Parents/caregivers collecting from Hall Gate are instructed to exit Gregory Rd via Robert Rd. Please DO NOT turn right from the car park.

Parents parking on Gregory Rd or Station Lane to collect from Cemetery Gate are reminded that the buses need considerable room to turn.

Please DO NOT impede the buses by parking within 10m of the corners of Robert Road, Gregory Road and Station Lane.